London’s Greatest Lingerie Shops

When choosing lingerie, no matter what the occasion, it is important to be able to choose it in person rather than try to buy it online. London is blessed with a number of great lingerie shops so customers have plenty to choose from. The following are some of the greatest lingerie shops London has to offer.

Agent Provocateur

Retail Shop

When asked which lingerie first comes to mind when shopping in London Agent Provocateur is the name on most women’s lips. Why? Partly because the shop has been around for a long time but mostly because they cater to women who want everything from virginal to downright naughty, and everything in between. The stores are now located in many countries abroad so international visitors to London know they can shop in their favorite store from home with confidence. The pink and black décor entices ladies inside with a promise of everything they could ever want in lingerie and more. Some of the most famous and sexiest women in the world wear Agent Provocateur.

Coco de Mer

When stepping into the exciting atmosphere of this London shop a woman is instantly hit with two thoughts – one is that the shop has just the right amount of naughtiness and can cater to customers looking for everything from the basic to the most provocative. The other thought is that it is all done with class and sophistication. While this may not be the first choice of the more demure woman for those with an adventurous spirit Coco de Mer is definitely a store that should be near the top of the list of lingerie shops to peruse for fantastic lingerie.

What Katie Did

No one would know from the name that this is one of the most popular lingerie stores in London. Those in-the-know love everything that What Katie Did has to offer in the way of retro lingerie. For a woman wanting to step back in time to the days of the pointy bra that helped a woman fill out a cashmere sweater ‘in all the right places’ this is the shop to provide what she is looking for. If a woman wants to look like she stepped straight off a movie set after filming the epic love scene, complete with corset, garter belt and seamed stockings, then What Katie Did should be the first place on her list of lingerie shops to stop at.