Bridal Lingerie for Your Special Day

When planning your special day it is important to plan down to the last detail so that everything is perfect. After all most people only get one chance to have that perfect wedding day, right? You have your gown, you know what jewelry you will wear, how your hair will be done and the shoes that go perfectly with your wedding dress, but what about the lingerie?

Bride with wedding dress

It is just as important to put thought into what you wear under your gown as it is the gown itself. In order to walk down the aisle with total confidence you need to know that everything about how you look is perfect. True, no one else can see what you are wearing underneath but it will show in the way you glide down the aisle.

The lingerie you choose is largely dependent upon the style of gown you choose. Some styles do not allow for a bra to be worn so your focus should be on stockings and underwear. A close fitting dress that has no shoulder covering will require a choice of lingerie that a dress that is full and covers the shoulders won’t be constrained by. With close fitting gowns you will want to avoid any ‘lines’ showing and thong underwear is likely to be a better choice than bikini or other fuller underwear. If wearing stockings make sure your garter belt won’t ruin the smooth lines of your gown. A gown without shoulders will not allow for anything but a strapless bra and some gowns can be worn without a bra at all.

White Lingerie

Fuller gowns that have a full bodice and skirt allow for so many more lingerie options as whatever you choose to wear is unlikely to show lines. Brides choosing fuller gowns really do have the widest range of lingerie fashion choices available to them, and generally are not limited to certain undergarments. So bearing in mind that there is almost an unlimited choice in styles, brides who elect to wear fuller gowns then only have to decide on color and style.

The ultimate goal of bridal lingerie is to feel sexy, romantic, confident and beautiful. Most quality bridal lingerie will provide that, but color and style add another element. When choosing color bear in mind that dark colors may show through your gown if wearing a white dress, but if you feel like wearing bright red and it doesn’t show through then go for it! Your lingerie is all about you, and so whatever color and style makes you feel great is the right choice for you.