Knock His Socks Off With Your Wedding Night Lingerie

Planning a wedding, although fun in many ways, can be stressful and tiring, with so many details to take care of. One of the things that should be relaxing and fun to choose is the lingerie you will wear on your wedding night. Buying wedding night lingerie is something you should take your time doing and enjoy the process. There can be a lot of fun to be had as you envision your new husband’s reaction when he first sees you in your sexy lingerie.

People helping the bride put on the dress

There is nothing sexier to a man than a confident woman and you should bear this in mind when choosing what to wear on your wedding night. Like your wedding day you want that first night to be one that you both look back on with pleasure. While men may go to the extent of choosing new underwear and sleepwear they usually do not put as much thought into the first night as women do.

This is your opportunity to really ‘knock his socks off’ with how confident, sexy and beautiful you are in every way. Lingerie is an important element in making the wedding night one to remember for always. So what should you buy?

In order to feel confident and sexy you need to choose lingerie that you feel comfortable wearing. Choose colors and styles that you think he will enjoy seeing you in as much as you will enjoy revealing to him. Whether you plan on having him undress you from your ‘going away outfit’ or you slipping into a sexy negligee and then going to bed will determine your choices in first night lingerie. Try to decide this ahead of time but if uncertain how your wedding night will unfold you can always plan accordingly for both.

Nothing says romance and sexiness than lace. Whether it is just a little or all over lace is up to you. You can choose to have matching bra and panties with a little bit of lace in the same color, or if you feel a bit more daring why not choose a matching bra and panties set that has lace trim in another color? Think of red and black, or pink and black.

If you don’t feel confident or daring enough to wear black and red or other bright colors, then by all means choose white or another more subtle, soft color. Remember that in order to feel confident about yourself you need to be comfortable with what you wear on your first night. Don’t worry that your new husband won’t think you look sexy because he will love you no matter whether you choose to go all out for hot and sexy, or a more demure but subtly sexy look. A negligee is just as sexy as a bra and panties set.