Lingerie Fashion Trends for Late 2017

To the unaware a bra is a bra and panties are panties, and there isn’t much difference in style. A lingerie designer would vehemently disagree, and so would many women who love to change their style of lingerie as trends change. It’s not just about style but also fabrics, colors and fit.

With winter about to hit the US and neighboring countries lingerie may be the last thing on many women’s minds but what does is sleepwear. The night attire fashion trend for the end of 2017, and early 2018 focuses on comfort, warmth, and beauty in the shape of loungewear. Flowing fabrics with a touch of lace and sheer ensure today’s woman can enjoy the ultimate in comfort and warmth without sacrificing femininity.When it comes to lingerie, and other clothing for that matter, black never goes out of style, and the autumn/winter lingerie fashions are no different . You simply cannot go wrong with black regardless of a woman’s shape or size. The same could be said for blush, which features largely in lingerie. Perfect for wearing under almost any color, if black won’t work blush offers a great solution.

High-waisted panties are making a comeback, a far cry from the g-string or thong that has been enjoying popularity for several decades now. Often thought of as grandma panties, the high-waisted panty is not only practical but can be alluring and sexy too. With the addition of some lace panels and in a variety of gorgeous colors the practical garment is perfect for wearing under form-fitting clothing without that dreaded ‘panty line’ being visible. Again, the focus is on warmth and comfort during the winter months.

Florals are ‘big’ this year, with a trend towards roses and blossoms, which are on high demand. PJ’s in particular are combining floral pants with a complimenting solid color top or vice versa. But the floral doesn’t stop there. Lace trims featuring roses and other flowers are being used to adorn negligees, bras and panties to add touches of sophistication and romance to these garments. Scalloped lace has always been a good choice for lingerie and so women are likely to see more of it this winter.

The racerback bra that was popular for several seasons has been set aside to make room for the bralette with multiple straps. The layered straps provide the right amount of support while looking sexy. Don’t be surprised to see floral bras with complimentary solid color straps this season.

Nothing says sexy and romantic as much as all-over lace and this season bras are sporting some of the prettiest French laces to be seen on lingerie. The longer line bras provide lots of room to show off these pretty laces, and when worn with a matching pair of panties a woman cannot help but feel romantic and sexy.

The classic bodysuit is back, which is great news for women who love this one piece lingerie solution. Providing warmth and coverage from chest to top of the thigh the bodysuit is great for career women to wear under their office outfits.